Desirable Fragrances
 Desirable Fragrances


Our Signature Scents

Patchouli Blend - A Sensual Blend Of Patchouli, Amber & Ylang Ylang


White Amber - A Beautifully Crisp Yet Soft Aroma For Any Occasion


Ginger Bergamot - An Oriental Blend That Takes You Away


Yummy Sandalwood - Not Your Typical Sandalwood Blend. Sweet But Oh So Good!


Yummy Vanilla - This Vanilla Makes You Want To Say MMMMMMM


Verbena - Verbena Is A Calming Scent.  Green & Oh So Fresh


Woody Vanilla - A Soft Vanilla With Woody Tones, Simply Beautiful


Vanilla Tobacco - Spicy Sweet Vanilla & Tobacco


Egyptian Amber - Clean & Fresh Like a Fresh Shower




Stellar Type Fragrances

Signature Scents

Byredo Type:

Gypsy Water  



Andy Warhol   

Bleecker Street


Central Park

Chez Bond


Coney Island

Fire Island



Lexington Avenue

Little Italy

Madison Square Garden 

New Harlem

New York Musk

Nuit de Nobo


Riverside Drive

Saks En Rose

Sa New York

Success is a Job

Union Square

Wall Street


Clive Christian 1872 (u)

Clive Christian 1872 (l)

Clive Christian 1872 (m)

Clive Christian 1 (l)

Clive Christian V (l)

Clive Christian X (l) (m)

Creed Type:

Acqua Fiorentina (l)

Adventus (m)

Bois Du Portugal (m) 

Green Irish Tweed (m)

Jardin D’Amalfi

Love in Black (l)

Love in White (v)

Milesime Imperial (m)

Original Vetiver (m)

Pure White (v)

Royal OUD (u)

Spring Flower (l)

Sublime Vanilla (l)

Silver Mountain (m)

Vanisia (l)

Virgin Island Water (u)


Diptyque Type:

Tam Dao (u)


Jo Malone Type:

Amber & Patchouli (u)

Blackwood (u)

Blackberry & Bay (l)

Blue Agave & Cacao (l)

Earl Grey & Cucumber (v)

English Pear & Freesia (l)

French Lime Blossom (l)

Grapefruit (u)

Grapefruit & Lemongrass (l)

Honey Rain (l)

Lime Basil Mandariin (l)

Mimosa & Cardamon (l)

Nectarine Blossom & Honey (l)

Orange Blossom (u)

Orris & Sandalwood (u)

Peony & Blush Suede (l)

Pomegranate Noir (l)

Red Currant & Cream (l)

Red Roses (l)

Sorrell & Lemon Thyme

Sweet Lime Cedar (u)

Vanilla & Anise (m)

Wild Blue Bell (l)

Wild Fig & Cassis (u)

White Jasmine Mint (u)

Wild Strawberry & Parsley (u)

Wood Sage & Sea Salt (u)


Kilian Hennessy Type:

Straight to Heaven (m) 


Le Labo Type:

Rose 31 (u)

Santal 33 (u)

The Noir 29 (u) 


Louis Vuitton Type:

Apogee (l)

Contre Moi (l)

Rose des Vents (l) 


Tom Ford Type:

Black Orchid (l) (m)

Bois Moracain (u)

Dubai Amethyst (l)

Dubai Emerald (l)

Dubai Ruby (l)

Fleur de Portifino (l)

Grey Vetiver (m)

 Italian Cypress (u)

Neroli Portifino (u)


Orchid Soleil (l)

OUD Wood (u)

 Sahara Noir (u)

Tobacco OUD (m)

Tuscan Leather (u)

Velvet Orchid (l) (m)


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